Short Films

Drunk History - Claudette Colvin
Entry for the "DIY Drunk History" Contest.
Claudette Colvin goes to court; in miniature.

GHIANT "Show Me Your Heart" (Official Video)

This song is from the GHIANT album/LP "A Discussion of Head Noise" released in 2014 on InfiniteCrux.

Summer Break

A stressed out financial planner, with his job on the line, goes to the country to finish a portfolio for a high profile client. He has one week to get it done, but his priorities change on the first day when he meets a free spirited local woman who transforms his life forever.

App of Time

Matt (Will Hightower) is an amateur computer programmer and college student who has inadvertently created a unique App that allows users to suddenly transport back in time! When he shows the App to his friend Bobby (Ruben Angelo) they are both catapulted on a journey that will take one of them to death... and back!

Sinatra: Come Fly With Frank - Contest 

1st place in the youtube Come Fly with Frank Video Contest.
Music video for "Come Fly with Me".

Future Primitive

Entry into the istockphoto video contest.